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About Contemporary Cool

Our Ethos life is precious, life is an adventure and along the way we all experience some incredible moments which in turn become amazing memories which deserve to be kept alive for always.

So with this in mindwe have developed - and are continuing to develop - a whole range of ideas to help capture some of these magical memories and moments as unique artwork which we then transform into original canvas prints dedicated entirely to you and those important people and events in your life.

We          everything about what we do!Every single order is as important to us as the one before and the one to follow. We are not a faceless organisation and even as the company continues to grow we never will be. We welcome customer contact, indeed we encourage it, we’re here to answer questions and we’re here to reassure you that we can provide you with something that will leave you with a big smile on your face. We’re constantly developing new ideas so our product offering is growing all the time….. For example, our ‘travel suitcase’ is under development  so that will be added  to our Collection in no time at all.

Our aim… is to provide a precious work of personalised artwork for you - from a straightforward favourite photograph reproduced on canvas, to one of our specialist montages or canvas gifts. We’re a company that cares enormously about every single canvas print we produce - your memories matter and presenting them to you in a way that will give you nothing but endless joy is paramount to us.

Our Customers?…Creative people who enjoy looking for different, personalised and extra-special product and gift ideas and we hope our range of bespoke artwork will help to satisfy the need for individuality with a high quality product canvas print guaranteed to match expectation!