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Photomontage Canvas Print

Family make the world go round. Life’s journey is full of special occasions and important milestones. Bring your treasured photographs to life with one of our hand crafted, high quality canvas prints

Our beautiful montage canvas prints let you tell a special, personal story and help you piece all your happy memories and favourite photographs together in a way unlike other simple montages.

Perfect for capturing any kind of celebration from a birthday party, family reunion, anniversaries, holidays, the list is endless and only limited by your imagination!

We don’t just place images side by side in the traditional sense, instead we creatively blend them all together so that we produce for you a ‘scene’ to instantaneously trigger your memory and relive a wonderful moment in your life!

Creating your unique montage takes a great deal of time, care and attention to detail. It’s not just a case of randomly placing photos, instead we consider each and every image, thoughtfully position and then begin to work on the blend to create the perfect finish.

Your photomontage is a bespoke design, just for you.  It’s more than just a memory, it’s re-living the moment.